Hell with Mistress Rhiannon

Today is a fresh day, and as usual, perfect to see Mistress Rhiannon in more kinky and wild action scenes. this time she again has a slave on her hands and she’s fully planning on toying with him all afternoon long. Let’s get to see the action that went down with her and the guy and you can see the superb mistress punishing him for being so naughty too. Again she makes use of her little sex dungeon downstairs. That playroom hasn’t gotten used in the last few weeks, so it was about time to get around to that. Let’s not beat around the bush any longer and just get the show going as we bet that you’re eager to see it too!


Making her entry first, Rhiannon shows up wearing one incredible outfit this time. It’s a nice and tight mini skirt that’s all black and silver and it also has matching elbow gloves. And naturally, it shows off her bust and tight waist perfectly as she shows off. Trailing behind her is the dude himself and she wasted no time in setting him up in her little device upside down. Sit back and watch her spanking and teasing this sex slave’s cock all afternoon long. Eventually she does let him blow and you get to watch her expert hands milk that hard cock of his to end it all nicely. So have fun with it and as always see you next week with a brand new scene! If you liked this scene, check out the http://ashleyfires.org/ site and see another sexy mistress playing with her man!

Check out Rhiannon torturing her submissive slave!